10 Reasons you should be using Beard Oil!

10 Reasons you should be using Beard Oil!

  • By - Christopher Guess
  • 08 December, 2020

Beard oil is one of the most crucial grooming tools on earth. If you are enthusiastic about having an attractive beard, start using beard oil today. You will begin noticing the following benefits immediately.

1. Successful halt to beard dandruff

Beard dandruff is quite popular. It is also referred to as beardruff. When dandruffs attack your beard, dry skin flakes begin falling on your clothes and any surfaces that you touch. Your beard starts to take on a quite ugly appearance too. What’s the solution to this problem?

Beard oil is designed to end this menace. When you use it in the initial stages of growing your beard, your skin becomes adequately moisturized. This prevents the elongating follicles from using up all the natural oils produced by your skin. By providing additional moisture to your skin, beardruff and itching are successfully inhibited.

2. Getting rid of beard itch

Every beard owner dreads an itchy beard. At some point, it gets so painful that you start wondering whether having a beard is necessary.

Your beard may itch as a result of dryness due to inadequate sebum production, and accumulation of dirt and grime.

Don’t shave it yet. Try using beard oil to remove the itch. It works by nurturing and covering hair follicles while providing adequate moisture to the skin where your beard grows. In a few days, your beard will stop driving you crazy.

3. Your patchy beard gets the treatment it deserves

Patchy beards are not as attractive as those with full follicles. Your beard may appear patchy as a result of genetics, imbalance in hormone levels, and factors such as poor nutrition, and stress.While there isn’t much that can be done to alter genetics to support beard growth, not all hope is lost.

Beard oil could be the solution to patches in your beard. It is specially engineered to deal with skin issues which are the major cause of unattractive beards. The overall health of your facial hair is enhanced and problems such as ingrown follicles are eradicated by beard oil.

4. Your acne starts fading away

Acne results from inflammation of skin pores due to poor growth of hair follicles. Accumulation of food, grime and dirt is directly linked to development of acne on the face. Beard oil helps clean the skin beneath your beard, preventing blockage that leads to inflammation.

5. It is easy to style your beard with beard oil

No one wants to have a grubby-looking beard where hair resembles electrical wires. You will notice an end to this once you start using beard oil. It essentially softens your beard and eases the process of managing it.

Unlike sprays and gels that may contain toxins that may react to your skin, beard oil is made from products that cause no harm to your skin.

6. You start smelling good

Dirt in your beard can bring an unpleasant smell. Accumulation of sweat from working out and being outside for long can gradually bring an unwanted odor. Beard oil is made with a nice fragrance that stays on your beard for long improving your overall smell.

7. It doesn’t add extra weight to your beard

Your beard may feel heavy if weights attach to your follicles.Thankfully, beard oil has a lightweight formula that prevents this from happening. You only notice that you are wearing beard oil from the fresh fragrance that emanates within. Moreover, there is no greasy appearance left behind after using the oil.

8. Your beard takes on an attractive appearance

Beard oil gives an appealing shine to your facial hair. It is easier to comb through because there is no tangling and knotting that comes with a plain beard.

9. Your confidence level is enhanced

An attractive beard is a sure way of enhancing your confidence. It presents a look of maturity to your peers and colleagues alike and gets you respect without you demanding for it.

10. Your beard gets you noticed

When you look good, people notice you. You can confidently attract women with a well-kept beard. A good number of ladies prefer a man who appears sure of himself. Since a beard presents a certain level of maturity, it goes without saying that most women will be interested in striking a conversation with you.

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